कृषि महाविद्यालय, परभणी - ४३१ ४०२ (महाराष्ट्र)

College Of Agriculture, Parbhani - 431 402 (Maharashtra)


Agricultural Engineering

Academic Staff list of Department of Agricultural Engineering

Sr. No. Name of academic staff and designation Specialization Experience Additional activities/Charges
01. Dr.R.G.Bhagyawant, M.Tech (IDE) Ph.D., Professor and Head Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 25 Chairman, Azadika Amrit Mahosthav, COA, Parbhani
Chairman, AIA (SRP), COA, Parbhani
Co-Chairman, Placement Cell, COA, Parbhani
02. Dr.R.V.Jaybhaye M.Tech (APE) Ph.D Associate Professor Process & Food Engineering 25 Co-chief Hostel Warden
Team Leader, AIA (SRP), COA, Parbhani
Member of Un-fairmens, Discipline, E-Tender
Committee, COA, Parbhani
03. Er.B.P.Sawant M.Tech Assistant Professor Dairy & Food Engineering 28 Member of Un-fairmens Committee, College of Agriculture, Parbhani
04. Dr.S.S.Phulari M.Sc.,Ph.D Assistant Professor Computer Science 12 In charge, Central Computer Centre (University Network, Web Site, Pay Bill, Hardware Software Support )
Nodal Officer ABBS
Member of various committee Admission, NAHEP, Ranking, Online Examination, Central Purchas committee
05. Er.S.N.Pawar M.Tech (SWCE) Assistant Professor Soil, Water Engineering 20 NSS Officer, COA ,Parbhani
06. Shri. V.B. Jadhav M.Sc (Maths) Assistant Professor Mathematics 12 Education In-charge (UG), COA Parbhani
07. Smt. V.S.Bastewad M.Sc(Maths ) Assistant Professor Mathematics 10 Posting at COA Golegion
Conduct of classes of computer and mathematics at COA Parbhani & College of Horticulture, Parbhani