कृषि महाविद्यालय, परभणी - ४३१ ४०२ (महाराष्ट्र)

College Of Agriculture, Parbhani - 431 402 (Maharashtra)


Research Accomplishments

Different aspects of pests of cotton, sorghum, groundnut, sunflower, soybean, mustard, pigeonpea, chickpea crops are being studied besides investigations pertaining to ecology, toxicology and biological control.

In adition to that Department of Agril. Entomology conduct product testing trials of various Government/Non- Government organisation to test the efficay, phytotoxicity and bio-safety of testing product.

  • ORP on White Grub (1974-1979) and All India Co-ordinated Research Project on White Grub (1980-1999).
  • ICAR scheme on formulation of viral insecticides with special reference to Baculovirus of Heliothis armigera (1975-1978).
  • Bio-efficacy, shelf life and residues of pesticides. Project sponsored by Hexamar Agricultural Research Foundation, Bombay (1981-1985).
  • Monitoring of pesticide pollution due to pesticides under MAU jurisdiction, funded by Ministry of Environment, New Delhi (1981-87).
  • Scheme on Heliothis ecology (ICAR) (1984-87).
  • Scheme on Microbial Control of Insect Pests with special reference to Pests of pulses, oil seeds and vegetable crops (PL-480 Indo US Project) (1985-89).
  • Production and Utilization of Biopesticides for Integrated Heliothis Management Programme funded by Dept. of Biotechnology New Delhi. (1986-89).
  • Dissipation of cyhalothrin in vegetables (ICI Madras) (1988-91).
  • Ad-hoc Research Project on Cotton whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (ICAR) (1990-1993).
  • Eco-regeneration project at Umri area under M.A.U. Jurisdiction sponsored by Ministry of Environment, New Delhi for a period of 4 years from 1990-94.
  • Survey of indigenous natural enemies of cotton bollworms. Ad-hoc Research Scheme sponsored by ICAR (1991-1994).
  • Introduction of Sericulture in Earthquake Affected Areas of Latur and Osmanabad districts in Maharashtra funded by Ministry of Science and Technology Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, New Delhi. (1995- 1999)
  • Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Development of Bee Keeping for Improving Crop Productivity funded by Ministry of Agri., Department of Agriculture and Co-operation (Horticulture Division) Govt. of India, New Delhi (1995-2000)
  • Vermiculture for self employment in slum area of Parbhani, funded by UNICEF, Bombay (1996).
  • Bio-pesticide Unit; a Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Sugarcane by Agril. Commissioner, M.S. Pune (1996-1998).
  • Promotion and Development of Apiary for Improving the Productivity of Cross Pollinated Oil Seed Crops (ROPS-9 ) (2000-2004).
  • Development of IPM Module for Oil seeds and nutritious Cereal Based Production system. (ROPS-8) : Safflower (2000- 2004).
  • APEDA- sponsored Pest Risk Analysis for mango and grape fruit fly (2002- 2004).
  • TMC-MM-1-3.2 : Development and Validation of IPM/ IRM Strategies for Bt Cotton under Different Ecosystem (2007-2012) Funded by CICR Nagpur.
  • TMC-MM II : Dissemination of Insecticide Resistance Management Strategies in Cotton (2001-2014) Funded by CICR Nagpur..
  • NFSM A3P Increasing chickpea and Pigeonpea Production through Intensive Application of Integrated Pest Management (2010-2013).
  • NFSM Project on Large Scale Multi-location IPM Demonstration in Field Crops funded by NCIPM New Delhi. (2014-15) Funded by Govt.of India through NCIPM Nagpur.
  • TMC-MM-1.6- II : E-Kapas Network and Technology Documentation Project (2013-2016) Funded by CICR Nagpur.

Sr.No. Name of Project Allowted Fund Funding Agency
1. CROPSAP 15,19,000/- State Government of Maharashtra
2. HORTSAP 8,23,000/- State Government of Maharashtra

Research Farm

The department has its own research farm of 2.63 ha with irrigation facilities to conduct Research Activity.